4W Dimmable LED Wall Sconce Light Hotel Room Disco Vestibule Fixture Lamp

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4W Dimmable LED Wall Sconce Light Hotel Room Disco Vestibule Fixture Lamp

المتجر : جوميا مصر

معلومات عن المنتج: Introduction:

This lighting fixture provides vivid and awesome light image to your home and store,

which is great for lighting and decoration purpose. And it can save more than 90% of

power consumption. Made of high quality metal material, it is safe and long lifespan.


- 100% New & High Quality.

- Environmentally friendly.

- Dimmable.

- Instant start, no flashing

- Solid State, shockproof.

- Safe and long-lasting.

- Long time working,

السعر : 552 جنيه مصري

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