Tomshine Dimmable LED UV Bar Black Light Lamp Fixture

اخر موعد لتحديث الاسعار كان بتاريخ01/2021

Tomshine Dimmable LED UV Bar Black Light Lamp Fixture

المتجر : جوميا مصر

معلومات عن المنتج: This UV bar light delivers bright ultra violet light that ignites your glow party instantly. It can be widely used in bar, , party, restaurant etc. It is light in weight and portable so you can carry it easily.


HIGH BRIGHT: Its high bright ultra violet light can light up your place, adding the romantic, elegant atmosphere.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Environmental protection replacement for the standard 18-inch fluorescent tubes with a high-output of ultra violet, better lighting solution compared to black light bulbs and black light UV LED strip

السعر : 340 جنيه مصري

اشتري الان من جوميا مصر

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